Diary for October 2017

May I first of all wish all my followers a happy and healthy new year, and hope that you and your families had an enjoyable Christmas holiday. You may be wondering why this is appearing in the October blog, and why the October blog is something like 2 months late.

Well, there is a fairly straightforward answer:

October was a busy month for me Masonically and for my wife, Susan, who was installed as the Federation president of Soroptimist International of Great Britain and Ireland at the end of the SIGBI Federation Annual Conference in Cardiff.

My diary for the month of October ran as follows:

Visits in the Rose Croix to:

  • Canon Francis Paton-Williams Chapter
  • Bethel Chapter
  • Colne St. Bartholomew Chapter
  • Nottinghamshire District Meeting in Nottingham

In the Craft, I attended a meeting of my own Lodge, Brierfield Lodge No.7560, where a Brother was Raised to the Third Degree, my part in the proceedings being to deliver the Traditional History.

In the Mark, I attended a meeting of my own Lodge, Wycoller Mark Lodge No.1582 where I delivered a lecture on the Chronology of the Solomonic Degrees.

Along the way I managed to squeeze in a visit Lancastria Council of the Allied Masonic Degrees when I witnessed two excellent ceremonies and enjoyed an splendid lunch.

The highlights of the month however, involved two trips to London, the first on 24th October (travelling from Cardiff) for the Annual Meeting of Grand Council of the Allied Masonic Degrees at Great Queen Street.

The second trip was to attend the Special Tercentenary Meeting of the United Grand Lodge of England at the Royal Albert Hall on 31st October and the following day a meeting of the 32nd degree st Duke Street St. James’s, followed by lunch at the Royal Overseas League.

It was on my return home at the start of November that the proverbial roof fell in.

To be honest, I had been feeling a touch below par for some weeks and had visited my GP on 2 or 3 occasions with odd symptoms, not for one minute expecting that I would end up being hospitalised for over 3 weeks and (tentatively) diagnosed with a brain tumour which was pressing against my pituitary gland, and thereby was preventing my thyroid gland and other life sustaining systems from working. I’ve been home now for a month, and awaiting further scans and tests to determine what further treatment options are possible. Watch this space!

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