Bethel Chapter hosts the annual New Perfectees’ Meeting

North East Lancashire District Rose Croix

Following the introduction of a New Perfectees’ meeting in 2016, the format was repeated at Bethel Chapter No.290 on Saturday 11th February 2017. A total of 6 recently Perfected Rose Croix Masons were present, together with members of their Chapters and other visitors, to witness the Enthronement of Ill.Bro Jack Aston, 32°, the District Recorder, by the Most Wise Sovereign, Ill.Bro Peter Holt, 32°.

Following the Enthronement, the Inspector General for North East Lancashire, V.Ill.Bro David Biggs, 33° delivered the “Perfection in Perspective” lecture. This paper provides a detailed explanation of each section of the Rose Croix Degree ‘Perfection’ Ceremony and concludes with a commentary on the Enthronement Ceremony which is the only other ceremony performed in a Rose Croix Chapter. Unlike most other Masonic Degrees and Orders, there is nothing in the Enthronement Ceremony which cannot be witnessed by all members, regardless of rank, so no-one is required to…

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