Inspectors General out in force at Bethel Chapter

bethel-dec-16Bethel Chapter were delighted to welcome not one, but two Inspectors General to their meeting at Ashday Lea on 10th December 2016 when V.Ill.Bro John Boyington, CBE 33º, the Inspector General for Yorkshire West Riding, who is a personal friend of the Sovereign, Ill.Bro Peter Holt, 32º through their shared Craft connections, ventured across the Pennines into the Red Rose County. The Sovereign and his officers (which include our Past IG,  V.Ill.Bro David Hawkins, 33º who is the Recorder and IPS of Bethel Chapter) then conducted a superb Perfection ceremony for their latest candidate.

Picture (courtesy of V.Ill.Bro David Bouic Hawkins, 33º) shows from L to R, V.Ill.Bro David Biggs, 33º, Ill.Bro Peter Holt, 32º and V.Ill.Bro John Boyington, CBE 33º.

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