14th Annual District Meeting a great success

Rochdale 2The 14th Annual District Meeting of the Rose Croix Chapters in North East Lancashire took place at Rochdale Masonic Hall on Saturday 11th June, under the warrant of Bury Chapter No.435.

Over 60 Rose Croix Masons took their places in the splendid temple at Rochdale, to receive the Inspector General and guests from neighbouring Districts.

We were honoured with delegations from Northumberland, South East Lancashire, South West Lancashire, Yorkshire West Riding, North West Lancashire, Cumberland and Westmorland, East Cheshire and Durham.

The usual arrangement whereby Sovereigns from a number of Chapters shared the ritual was again followed and all 6 participants delivered a first class ceremony for the candidate, E&P Bro Stewart Mills, who had interrupted his family holiday in Hungary to return to the UK for the weekend, especially for his Perfection.

Following the ceremony, the Princes retired to the festive board where a superb lunch was provided by the catering staff at Rochdale and all were on their way home by 3 pm, in time to enjoy the celebrations for Her Majesty’s 90th Birthday.


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