The Darling Buds of May?

calendar-clipart-07-may1The month of May is over, and the ‘May’ blossom is well and truly (and finally) in bloom on the hawthorn trees and hedgerows along our country lanes. It has certainly been a busy month in my Masonic calendar, as well as having some downtime with 2 bank holidays and a long weekend visiting some of Sue’s friends in Chelmsford.

As far as the District of North East Lancashire is concerned, there haven’t been that many Rose Croix Chapter meetings, but I have certainly been kept busy with visits to Chapters and District meetings elsewhere and catching up on my commitments in other Orders.

In the early part of the month, I made visits to Yorkshire West Riding for their District meeting at Baildon and North West Lancashire for the consecration of a new Chapter at Horwich. It was then my own Chapter meeting in Colne, followed the next day by an early start to catch the train to London for the half-yearly meeting of Supreme Lex, the Rose Croix Chapter for Inspectors General and members and officials of Supreme Council. After the Chapter meeting and a very enjoyable lunch in the conservatory at Duke Street, we squeezed ourselves into the Grand Temple for a Higher Degrees meeting where the 31st and 30th degrees were conferred on some 55 brethren. Then a quick dash on the tube back to Euston to catch the train to Manchester and the bus to Burnley. Oh, the joys of travel!

The half-yearly meeting of the East Lancashire Rose Croix Chapter ‘440’ was held at Eccles, where we received a most interesting and informative lecture on the Irish Knight Masons degree from the Most Wise Sovereign, Ill.Bro Robert Mitchell.

In other Orders, I’ve attended 3 Craft meetings; the Installation of Travellers Lodge at Bridge Street, a nice relaxed meeting of Calder Lodge at Padiham and the personal 50th of my good friend Stuart Jackson at Marsden within Pennine Valley Lodge, also at Padiham; in the Knights Templar, Plains of Tabor Preceptory at Colne and the annual meeting of the Provincial Priory of Lancashire at Leyland; in the Royal Ark Mariner degree, Hargreaves Lodge Installation at Padiham, and in the Mark Degree, the annual meeting of the Provincial Grand Lodge at the splendid King George’s Hall in Blackburn and to bring the month to a boozy conclusion, the Mark Provincial Wardens’ Mess at Bridge Street.



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