Visit to Emmanuel Chapter completes the circuit

My visit to Emmanuel Chapter No.447 at Bolton on Thursday 21st April completed the initial ‘circuit’ of visits to Rose Croix Chapters in North East Lancashire. I had been unable to attend the meeting in October, as although I had allocated the ‘correct’ date for the meeting in my diary, the Chapter needed to move the meeting by dispensation to a date when I was on holiday to accommodate a significant number of members, as well as the candidate for Perfection, E&P Bro Jason Bond.

HappilySovereign Jewel all was rectified in April, when I was able to witness an excellent ceremony in which the current MWS, E&P Bro Malcolm Hearsey was expertly proclaimed as MWS for a further year by the Director of Ceremonies, Ill.Bro John Green 30º. After appointing and investing his officers the MWS then invited me to present and explain a Supreme Council Certificate to E&P Bro Jason Bond.


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