Tony takes the Chair at William Horrocks Chapter

Sovereign JewelThe old saying “don’t you just love it when a plan comes together?” could not have been more apt as the Enthronement of E&P Bro Tony Kenny as MWS of William Horrocks Chapter No.603 in Blackburn proceeded without a hitch on Wednesday 30th March 2016.

The Chapter was opened by the Sovereign, E&P Bro Bob Lowe, and the usual administrative business was completed, there was then an interlude while ballots were taken for a joining member, Ill. Bro Brian Carter, 30°, and an Honorary Member, V. Ill. Bro David Hawkins, 33°, the Past Inspector General. There followed a presentation of a Supreme Council Certificate of Perfection to E&P Bro Peter Book, who had been unable to attend the previous meeting.

And so to the main business of the evening. Tony was presented for Enthronement by his Proposer, Ill. Bro Alan Guest, 30°, and duly Enthroned by his predecessor, E&P Bro Bob Lowe in a most delightful and sincere ceremony, under the guidance of the Acting DC, Ill. Bro Andrew Taylor, 30°

With both the newly appointed Generals and the Marshal being E&P Brethren, the Chapter has a good progression towards the Chair for the next few years.

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