Excellent Enthronement at James D Murray Chapter and hope for the future

The Enthronement meeting of James D Murray Chapter on Wednesday 23rd March 2016 was exceptionally well supported, with 11 visitors from 7 Chapters in attendance.


After the Chapter had been opened by the MWS, Ill.Bro Paul Quinton 30° and the Acting Prelate, V.Ill.Bro David Hawkins 33°, the routine business was quickly and efficiently despatched and the resolution to relocate the Chapter to Padiham Masonic Hall from the next meeting was unanimously approved by the Brethren.

The Acting DC, Ill.Bro Jack Aston 32° then presented E&P Bro Tony Cross, Sovereign Elect, for Enthronement; the whole ceremony was a delight to witness and was made all the more poignant by virtue of the exceptionally close friendship between Paul & Tony who are both members of Roses Lodge in Colne.

There then followed a lecture: ‘Perfection in Perspective’. Although aimed primarily at recently Perfected Princes, it was also well received by the longer serving members, many of whom remarked that they had never heard explanations of the various aspects of the Perfection and Enthronement ceremonies, which would now make more sense.

It is intended to deliver this lecture on an annual basis at different Chapters in the District when newer members will be invited to attend.

And so, with a new Sovereign in the Chair and the resolution passed to relocate the Chapter to Padiham, and new members in prospect as a result, James D Murray Chapter looks to its future – and its Centenary in 2018 – with renewed vigour and enthusiasm.

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