Visit to Gateshead for Durham District Meeting

18 Degree Collar DetailThe weather on Saturday 19th March 2016 proved kind for my 3-hour drive to the North East to attend the 34th annual meeting of the Durham District, hosted by St. Ebba Chapter at Gateshead Masonic Hall.

I arrived at 10 am, with plenty of time to spare and was welcomed by the Inspector General, V.Ill.Bro Paul Paterson and District Recorder, Ill.Bro John Johnson along with other visiting Inspectors General, District Recorders and distinguished Brethren, including the PGM and MEGS for Durham, RWBro Eric Heaviside and the Past PGM for Durham in the Mark Degree and current District Grand Prefect for Durham and Northumberland in the Allied Masonic Degrees, RWBro Peter Croft, emphasising the strong level of mutual support between the different Orders.

Following the usual arrangements for a District Meeting, there was a ‘live’ Perfection ceremony, followed by an excellent 5-course lunch and then the long trip home, only to discover that Burnley FC had conceded a goal against Wolves in the 92nd minute of their home game, giving them only one point, instead of the hoped-for 3 points.

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