Promotion to the 31st Degree for three NE Lancashire Brethren

logo_rose_croixBrethren from three Chapters in North East Lancashire were honoured with promotions to the 31st Degree, Grand Inspector Inquisitor Commander, at 10 Duke Street St. James’s on Monday 11th January 2016.

Illustrious Bros Giuseppe Cavaleri (MWS of Colne St. Bartholomew Chapter), John Willan Hudson (James D Murray Chapter) and David Winstanley, JP (Bury Chapter) were accompanied by myself, our Past Inspector General V. Ill. Bro David Bouic Hawkins, District Recorder Ill. Bro Jack Aston and Ill. Bros Keith Harrison and Dr Neville Marsden, making a total contingent of 8 Brethren from North East Lancashire.

Following the ceremony, at which Peppe Cavaleri enjoyed the rare and signal honour of being the representative candidate, we retired to the Royal Overseas League for the customary drinks reception and excellent dinner, where Peppe had the further honour of being seated on the top table, next to the Sovereign Grand Commander, Most Puissant Brother Alan Englefield.

All business was concluded promptly by 7 pm after the Sovereign Grand Commander had responded to the toast to Supreme Council in his customary eloquent and amusing fashion and we were on our separate ways home to Lancashire or local hostelries in London for further refreshment.


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