A night to remember at Mark Wilkinson Chapter Rose Croix

Sovereign JewelThe Enthronement meeting of Mark Wilkinson Chapter at Darwen this evening certainly proved the adage that quality counts. The meeting started with 12 Chapter members and 8 visitors and concluded with one visitor (our Past IG, Very Illustrious Bro. David Hawkins, 33°) having been elected to Honorary Membership and a Past Sovereign, Illustrious Bro. Maurice Whittle, 30° being proposed as a rejoining member.

From the outset, when the Chapter was opened by the MWS,  Illustrious Bro. Mike Dodson, 30°, it was evident that a great deal of preparation and hard work had gone into making the evening a success. The essential business of the evening was conducted with efficiency by the Recorder and Treasurer; the Sovereign Elect, E&P Bro Bob Norris was presented for Enthronement by the DC, Illustrious Bro. Mike Shurety, 30°, and the ceremony proceeded without a hitch, right through to the final address which I was privileged to have been invited to deliver.

Retiring to the newly refurbished ‘small’ dining room at the Hawkshaw Suite, while a Ballroom Dancing Class made effective use of the larger function room, we enjoyed a delightful festive board and were soon on our way home with happy memories of an evening well spent in the ‘excellent and perfect’ company of Rose Croix Masons.

Oh, and I was delighted, although a shade embarrassed, to draw my own ticket for the winning prize in a splendid raffle; a bottle of Grant’s Whisky which will be put to good use on the trip to London next week for the Grand Stewards’ Lodge and Grand Royal Ark Mariner Investiture.

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