Teamwork pays off at Verney Clayton Chapter’s Enthronement Meeting

Sovereign JewelThe enthronement meeting of Verney Clayton Chapter at Accrington this afternoon proved to be a happy affair, not least due to the teamwork by the Chapter members and their visitors, which included Ill.Bro. Peter Hargreaves, the brother of E&P Bro. John Hargreaves, Sovereign-elect, who kindly acted as Prelate throughout the meeting in the absence of the Chapter Prelate.

Having opened the Chapter, the Sovereign, E&P Bro. Allan Low kindly offered me the baton which I politely but swiftly returned, as I had no intention of depriving a Sovereign of the honour (and duty) of Enthroning his successor.

The ceremony went without a hitch and was concluded in a most dignified manner by the DC (and District Recorder) Ill.Bro. Jack Aston, delivering the final address.

It was then my privilege to present an explanation of the Supreme Council 18th Degree Certificate to E&P Bro. Andy Bain, who was Perfected at the previous meeting.

An excellent festive board followed in the recently refurbished Adelaide Suite and we were all on our way home (or in some cases heading for the Mark Fellowship Cabaret Evening in Bolton) by 6 pm.





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1 Response to Teamwork pays off at Verney Clayton Chapter’s Enthronement Meeting

  1. Mrs Patricia Smith says:

    My late father Frank Greenhalgh was a member of several Accrington Lodges for 60 years and a founder member of the now defunct Accrington Lodge. I have a ‘jewel’? , a swan on a red ribbon , above a crown and a badge that says Verney Clayton Chapter No 261. I wonder if it could be donated to the Lodge? I have also a Masonic King James Presentation Bible which I would be happy to donate in memory of my father who so enjoyed his time in the Masons.


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