No change at Colne St. Bartholomew Chapter as Peppe Cavaleri stays in the Chair for another year

18th Degree JewelThe Enthronement meeting of Colne St. Bartholomew Chapter Rose Croix on 19th October wasn’t quite as many had expected, since the Sovereign Elect, Ill.Bro. Bill Livesey had suffered a further bout of ill health and had wisely suggested that the current Sovereign, Ill.Bro. Peppe Cavaleri should continue in office for a second year, which had been agreed by the Chapter.

As a result, the ceremony was somewhat briefer than normal, although with other business, including a eulogy for Ill.Bro. Dennis Park who had sadly passed away on the 17th October, the Treasurer’s annual report and a ballot for two rejoining members, there was plenty to involve the members and entertain the visitors.

The traditional festive board lived up to its usual high standards; asparagus soup, roast chicken, Manchester tart (a Colne St. Barts staple) and finally cheese and biscuits with coffee or tea to round off the evening. All for the outstanding value of £12.

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